Since its inception at Expo 2015, the Future Ways of Living project has focused on investigating and visualizing how emerging technologies will transform the way we live in the near future. To date, two previous iterations of the series have successfully engaged over 1000 professionals, students, faculty and stakeholders in a wide range of investigative activities.


Future Ways of Living

Future Ways of Living I, 2015, began with a broad exploration of emerging technologies and their impact on the way we live. The event was kicked-off with a lecture series, in Milan, Italy, and was followed by a 7 day workshop that engaged students, experts and stakeholders from around the world to develop products, services and systems that illustrate the role technology can play in improving key aspects of our daily lives.

You can watch the full Future Ways of Living documentary for free here.

Future Ways of Living Publication

The Future Ways of Living publication showcases the design solutions and research that were created and conducted in the 2015 charrette in Milan, Italy. The publication highlights the six themes of Communication, Education, Energy, Food, Health & Wellness, and Mobility, and the designs that the teams developed to help create better ways of living in our collective future. To help illustrate each design solution, the FWoL publication features project timelines, visualizations, and renderings. The publication also highlights trends and research regarding the current state of living in 2015, with projections of the future.

Download the PDF here.

Future Ways of Living Charrette gallery


Future Ways of Living II

Future Ways of Living II, 2016, coincided with re-launch of the Triennale di Milano after a 20-year hiatus and was an official event of the Triennale. FWoL II built upon the concepts of the first lecture series and workshop and applied the principles and ideas to the Milan Expo site to create solutions for its adaptive reuse and development.

The current edition, Future Ways of Living: City Solutions Lab, will build on this foundation and apply interdisciplinary design thinking methodology to create solutions in partnership with municipalities around the world and help create a stronger, more resilient future.

You can watch the full Living In A Global Village documentary for free here.

Expo Site Milano as a Global Village Publication

The Future Ways of Living: Living In a Global Village publication showcases all of the highlights of the second Future Ways of Living charrette. The second charrette was held in Milan, Italy at the world expo site. The publication features essays from world renowned experts and gurus, research on evolving trends, and the design solutions created by the interdisciplinary charrette teams. The charrette focused on seven themes: Culture, Education, Food, Health & Wellness, Mobility, Shelter and Work. Similarly to the first Future Ways of Living publication, this publication featured renderings, visualizations, maps and timelines for each of the projects to help explain the team's thinking. The publication helped explore how we can transform the Milan world expo site into a future global village for all.

Download the PDF here.

Future Ways of Living II Charrette gallery


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